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The Bluelon iTrack traffic solution provides everything needed for a full-scale traffic monitoring system. It is easy to install, operate and provides a sophisticated way of monitoring speed and travel times of vehicles, real time and historically 24/7.

The iTrack traffic solution is capable of measuring traffic and pedestrian flows. The system can be used to collect high quality, high density travel times by sampling a portion of actual travel times from the traffic stream.

The solution contains a special developed Location Sensor for capturing both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi MAC addresses from wireless devices like mobile phones and hands free headset etc. The Bluelon Location Sensor transfers the captured data back to a cloud based iTrack server using standard LAN/WAN or mobile broadband. The Location Sensor is tamper and weather resistance and can optionally be equipped with a GPS receiver and battery to allow the sensors to easily be moved around for temporary traffic studies.

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