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01.07.2015 11:12

Bluelon releases new revolutionary version of its iQueue Operational and Business Intelligence enabled Performance Measurement and Reporting Product Suite.

New major release of Bluelon’s iQueue product suite improves operational performance for businesses...

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17.07.2009 23:00

UK airports select Bluelon Solution for Terminal Performance Monitoring and Reporting using latest Queuing technology

(Copenhagen, Denmark - July 17, 2009) - London Luton Airport and Leeds Bradford International are...

11.06.2009 23:00

Frankfurt Airport, London Luton and Leeds Bradford International have all recently adopted iQueue

(London, UK - June 11, 2009) -The Bluelon iQueue system allows airports to track the Bluetooth...

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iQueue Solution, Turnkey Operational and Business Intelligence enabled Performance Measurement and Reporting Platform

The Bluelon iQueue Solution is the airport, retail and traffic industry's preferred choice for ubiquitous Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data generation.


The system fully automatically collects, store, process, visualize and generate customizable reports all based on open standards. The system additionally supports easy integration with existing enterprise business software systems such as Oracle, SAP or in terminal process support systems such as display control software.

Bluelon's iQueue OFM (Object Flow Management) Operational and Business Performance Monitoring and Reporting solution, provides cost-effective, local or worldwide, real-time queue management.


The system is typically used in places such as aviation related logistical control centers where effective people flow management is critical to the success of the core business. Bluelon's platform for managing terminal performance can help global port or airline operators achieve the highest operational performance. Huge investments are accompanied by high expectations of shareholder returns. Investors are expecting progressive shareholder value creation to justify their investment.

This anticipation to achieve high performance has compelled companies to invest in Bluelon's iQueue Solution, which automatically collect none-intrusive SLA and KPI data, enabling airport operators to prove enterprise performance to air carriers and government agencies, and additionally show shareholders that growth expectations are met. The iQueue Solution is the preferred choice of the world’s largest airport and airline operators, such as at all of London's four major Airports.

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The iQueue solution additionally features a comprehensive optional component add-in architecture, supporting functionality such as, sliding window process time statistics, data or visual based movement pattern reporting, SOAP data server, Microsoft Office integration such as Excel and custom modules such as site specific data exporters. The solution is designed to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time regardless of physical location.


The iQueue Server Suite is an highly modulized, fully automated, scalable, enterprise-grade, interactive web enabled, open-standards based solution, for monitoring, installing, configuring, operating and maintaining distributed, nonintrusive, networked flow monitoring devices, such as the Bluetooth™ enabled BlueTrack BT-100-BL access point -> more

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iTrack Solution (Traffic Monitoring System)

The Bluelon iTrack Solution provides everything needed for a full-scale traffic monitoring system. It is easy to install, operate and provides a sophisticated, yet simple, way of keeping track of individuals bearing Bluetooth enabled devices globally regardless of location.

The iTrack real-time mapping solution tracks how people move through road systems and in urban spaces. The technology maps real-time data gathered from mobile devices such as cell phones. A screen display system can show vehicles and people density in selectable colors overlaid on a geographical mapping system for complete real time situational awareness. -> more

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Bluetooth In -> Wiegand Out (Access Control)

BlueReader BRW-200 is a new type of Wiegand Bluetooth™ reader, for new and existing access control systems using Bluetooth™ enabled Cell Phones/PDA’s or Bluelon´s popular key ring tags as identification devices. -> more

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iTooth Server Suite (Access Control)

The Bluetooth™ based iTooth Server Suite is an interactive web enabled access control server application for installing, configuring, operating and maintaining networked Bluetooth™ enabled access control devices. The iTooth system is compatible with common networking protocols allowing the access control system to be served as a managed hosted service either locally or remotely, through IP networks to the premises. -> more




BlueTags Granted US Patent

March 4, 2004


"The patent now legally secures Bluelon’s market leading position in providing advanced wireless Bluetooth based tracking and access control solutions. The patent covers the making, using, offering for sale, or selling a system similar to BlueTags (now Bluelon) innovative tracking and access control  system. Applications have been filed for a European Patent, which should be granted soon said a company spokesperson."



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